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A Woodhill Hall wedding for Claire and Scott

A Woodhill Hall wedding is always a fun day. It's one of those venues that never sits still.. Over the years I've seen it evolve into the stunning venue it is now. I couldn't wait to get there to shoot Claire and Scott's wedding.

This was a very relaxed day. With 15 minutes to go before the ceremony Claire was still in her PJs and Scott had gone for a drive in the Range Rover they were using for a wedding car for the day. Even the registrars were relaxed and chilled. Which meant the ceremony flowed nicely and was interspersed with laughter and giggles.

After the ceremony Claire, Scott and I jumped into the Range Rover for a drive. The weather had been horrendous but thankfully the rain didn't make an appearance until a lot later in the day.

The Orangery was set and ready for the Wedding Breakfast with the top table being placed in the middle of the room with all the other tables set around it. "In the Round" as they'd call it if it was a concert.

Once the wedding breakfast was over everyone migrated to the Teepee for the evening fun and games. The Secret Bar was now open next to the teepee. Those late comers to the teepee were greeted by people coming back from the bar with phrases like "You need to see the bar!" It is a little bit special it has to be said.

And that was that. A very relaxed day in the heart of Northumberland!

Woodhill Hall Wedding Photography

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