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Browsholme Hall Wedding: Brianne and Aaron

Browsholme Hall Wedding

Gradually, coming out of Covid restrictions to allow weddings to take place, I am getting back in the swing of things again. And as ever I don't do things by half. For my second wedding back, I travel from Kent to Lancashire to shoot Brianne and Aaron's wedding at Browsholme Hall, just north of Clitheroe. Like so many weddings, things were scaled back here. That didn't spoil this Browsholme Hall Wedding. In fact it added to the magic of the day.

One positive from the covid pandemic and it's impact on the wedding industry is the scaling back of weddings and in particular the ceremonies. I'm a firm believer in "less is more", and with fewer people present and less to worry about in terms of organising, my couples seem to be a lot more relaxed. However, Brianne and Aaron scaled back to just TWO guests who would be their witnesses on the day.

So from my base for the weekend in Wigan, I headed to Bury to Brianne and Aaron's house. As ever, I captured all the details whilst chatting to Brianne, her make up artist and her hairdresser. As ever, I don't just do wedding photography. Wherever I can help in between shots I will. Today, it was needlecraft. Brianne had a stunning bouquet and had been given a small miniature jar containing maps of where her relatives live. She really wanted it to be part of the bouquet but couldn't work out how to attach it. If I learnt at least one thing in the Air Cadets, it's how to sew. With sewing box at my side, I set to and lashed the jar onto the handle of the bouquet. I have to admit, I was quite impressed with my handy work.

The next thing I needed to organise was the first look. Brianne and Aaron would be travelling to Browsholme Hall together with Aaron meeting Brianne at their house. So, I popped Brianne into their garden where she made a quick call to her dad so he could see her in her dress, and then it was time for Aaron to come through. With strict instructions to cover his eyes and look down, I guided him into the garden, and on the count of 3 he opened his eyes. I love these moments. It's the range of emotions and reactions you get and you cannot plan for that. Aaron got emotional, laughed and smiled and put his hands over his mouth in awe. And then said "Am I allowed to hug you?" They embraced and then I left them both to catch up.

The drive up to Browsholme Hall was stunning; Hilly and passed stunning industrial architecture from the heyday of the industrial revolution along the way. There were a couple of hairy moments as I rounded corners only to be faced by tractors and sheep. But this was rural farmland. So I was the outsider.

When I got to the hall I met the registrars and they informed me that the ceremony would take place outside by the Lily Pond. Now, this was a risk. We'd had some pretty grim weather of late and it really wasn't hot nor sunny. The clouds looked foreboding but Brianne was determined to go ahead with the plan.

And that they did. Leading his bride into the grounds of the hall and along the side of the Lily Pond Aaron beamed with delighted and their friends who were there to witness it all giggled with excitement.

The ceremony, as they are now, was short. And before we knew it, they were married. We spent some time in the grounds capturing some shots and it was obvious straight away that Aaron in particular really wasn't shy of the camera.

And because there was just the four of them there, we got all the photos we needed sorted in no time at all. The four of them walked through the grounds to the little coffee shop at the entrance of the grounds which had been set up for afternoon tea for them.

Sandwiches, cakes and scones were delivered followed by some fizz and as they all started tucking in, on a big screen at one end of the room played a video from friends and family leaving messages for the newlyweds. Brianne's sister in particular was very animated with her message and dance! Tears and laughter! It was wonderful.

And that was the day! So simple. So beautiful! Now it's just a case of the drive back to the South East. But at least with the 4pm finish I wouldn't be back horrendously time for a take away and a drink before bed!!

Thank you Brianne and Aaron for such a brilliant day!!

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