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Vermont Hotel Wedding Photography: Natasha and David

As a wedding photographer I'm not supposed to have favourite venues etc. But some are pretty special and some I love returning to time and again. The Vermont Hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne is one of those hotels. I've had Vermont Hotel Wedding Photography in my portfolio for some time now but each time I find something new. So here is the story of Natasha and David's wedding day.

The Vermont Hotel stands on top of the banks of the River Tyne with stunning views across the City and river. It can prove tricky at times as the wind has a habit of funnelling down the valley and cause problems with wedding veils and hair. But not today! It was a near perfect day.

Starting the day with Natasha I headed to the suite where she was getting ready. She was getting her hair done whilst one of the bridesmaids had their make up done in the window. It was the usual array of music, food and chaos I love pre wedding. Kids were running about and grandparents were chasing them to keep them "under control".

Downstairs David had arrived and was busy getting his button hotel put in place whilst guests arrived. Each set of guests stopped to talk before making their way to the bar for pre ceremony drinks.

Up in the Sky Lounge the room was set and ready and gradually the guests made their way up ready to watch the nuptials. David and the groomsmen arrived and there were the usually nervous giggles and pacing about.

The room was packed so I had to pick my place carefully as space was a premium. The important thing about wedding photography is anticipation. I negotiated with the registrar to allow me to stand where I felt would be best; and we were ready to go!

Through a crowded room Natasha arrived and met her new husband at the front of the room. The sun bleached in as they worked through their vows and before we knew it, the deed was done.

The drinks reception took place on the terrace of the Sky Lounge with guests posing for pictures with the Tyne Bridge in the background. It was a gorgeous day and such a peaceful setting as we overlooked all the traffic clogging up the motorway as people made their way to the Newcastle United match.

In the ballroom everything was ready for the wedding party, complete with cake topped with two paramedics; a nod to Natasha and David's profession. The room soon filled up, followed by the entrance of the newly weds.

Whilst I waited for the guests to finish their food I scouted out a few place to shoot with Natasha and David. The problem with wedding photography at the same venue is running into the danger of making all the shoots look identical. I like my wedding photos to look as individual as the couple.

So to help their dinner settle I took the newly weds out for a little walk, had some fun with the camera and generally gave them the chance to catch their breath before the evening fun.

When we returned, the dancefloor was down and the DJ was ready to kick things off with the first dance.

By the time I was ready to leave the floor was filled with kids running about having fun whilst the adults stood and chatted. It was a lovely atmosphere. And importantly a lovely wedding to capture for a wonderful couple.

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