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Doxford Barns Wedding Photography: Kat and Josh

Doxford Barn Wedding Photographer

Ever since it opened I'd been itching to get to Doxford Barns to shoot a wedding. I love rural weddings and the rustic feel of a barn ceremony so I was over the moon was I was asked to shoot Kat and Josh's wedding there. Here's the story of their wedding along with some Doxford Barns Wedding Photography to give you a flavour of the day.

So on a late summer's morning I made my way down from my North East base in Berwick to Doxford Barns. I had estimated enough time to capture bridal prep and the general hubub that comes with bridal prep. However making my way up to the room with nearly 3 hours to spare I found Kat and her bridesmaids all ready save for their dresses. Somebody was eager!!!

Down in the Barn Josh was enjoying a swift drink to ease the nerves. Sunglasses clad guests were arriving and from her room Kat was spying out of the window to see who was pulling into the car park, taking care not to be seen.

The Threshing Hall was set up, illuminated with candles and lamps. It's a blank canvas of a room and personally, seeing it decorated in minimalistic tones was perfect as it didn't distract the guests from the character of the building.

Josh decided to wait in the hall for some time as he was starting to get a little nervous. He was collecting his thoughts and having some "him time" ahead of the guests taking their seats.

The guests assembled and one by one the bridesmaids arrived followed by Kat and her dad. There were gasps as she made her way down the aisle and the bridesmaids dabbed away tears as Josh gave her a welcoming kiss.

The ceremony was quick, simple and intimate but the fun was only just starting as I was aware of a little surprise the newly weds had arranged for the guests. With the I Dos done, the registrar announced the conclusion of the ceremony and ushered Kat and Josh forward. Then the side door opened and in marched Backchat Brass to play us out. If you've seen the wedding scene in Love Actually where musicians were popping up all over the place and the reactions of the congregation, then you'll know what I'm talking about. The guests were gobsmacked and joined in, dancing and singing their way out of the hall.

Outside on the lawn the band entertained everyone as I captured the family shots and shots of the happy couple. When we finished we returned to the band singing "All the single ladies".

Sat in the main barn the guests waited for the grand entrance of Kat and Josh who were escorted in by Backchat Brass before the whole room erupted with people standing on chairs singing and dancing to a medley of Beyonce songs. THIS is what wedding photography is all about to me. These moments. The unrehearsed, unplanned moments.

Following the speeches including a special message from Alan Shearer on video, the fire pits were lit outside and as the light began to drop, the guests mingled outside in the warm evening air.

Once we had first dance complete, another band took to the stage. This time it was Kat's dad's band. And on guitar was Kat's dad. Around the room I could see guests mouthing "Is that Kat's dad?". They had the place jumping.

I made a quiet exit and as I drove past the Barn, the colour lights from inside were flashing out into the night sky. What a day!!!

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