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A Le Petit Chateau Wedding: Laura and Dan

Le Petit Château Wedding Photography

So this was my first wedding at Le Petit Chateau for 18 months! The last time

I was here it was a glorious summers day. Today, it was a cold, rainy, windy Monday in February! Yuk! But did that spoil the day? Of course not! So this is the story of Laura and Dan’s Le Petit Chateau Wedding.

I made the short drive over the Cheviot Hills from Alnwick to Otterburn and arrived a lot earlier than I’d originally intended. So that meant I had time to relax and get my bearings again. I was greeted by the day’s Master of Ceremonies, Tim, who remembered me from my last wedding! He’s an animated character who is great to work with! We ran through the itinerary for the day, had a cuppa and then went about our various jobs. One thing I was certain of; there would be no hanging around today. It would run like clockwork!

In The Apartment, Laura was very relaxed! It was the usual scene of complete chaos you get before any wedding. Bridesmaids getting hair and make up done, kids running around, music on and a few glasses of fizz being sipped. But in all of this Laura glided like a swan on water!

In the main part of the building Dan had arrived and was sorting buttonholes out. A very quiet man, he supped on a pint whilst his groomsmen chatted and joked. He smiled but largely didn’t say an awful lot. Nerves? Chilled? It was hard to say.

By now the guests were arriving and Laura had moved upstairs to Room 1 to get her dress on and make the final touches. Her dad came in beaming when he saw his daughter in her dress for the first time. The bridesmaids were lined up dabbing their eyes! A chain reaction moment. Once one started, they all went!

In The Chapel, Tim had ushered the guests in and Dan had taken his place at the front. The music started and in game the bridesmaids followed by Laura. They stood there gazing at each other as the registrar welcomed everyone. I think Dan’s nerves got the better of him though when the registrar began with “Do you Dan......” to which he blurted out “I do!”. No need for the “take Laura to be your lawfully wedding wife” part! Well that got rid of the tension as everyone fell about!!!

After the ceremony everyone headed onto the patio for cocktails. However the wind was blowing in off the hills fiercely so most headed inside. We did the photos in the Chapel as Laura’s veil was a shoe in to be blown halfway to Norway in this wind!

Before we knew it it was time for everyone to take their seats. All the tables were named after 80s films; The Goonies, Back to the Future, Ferris Beullers Day Off.....the list went on! The speeches began proceedings, which were perfectly timed. Sometimes speeches can go on a tad but these three speeches last about 20 minutes and they were hilarious! Dan was the mercilessly toasted by his best man!

The food I have to say was superb! I had the main of chicken but the guests were treated to a 5 course meal. Once the meal was finished most people headed to their rooms to freshen up.....or more than likely a snooze to help that amazing meal settle!

Jessica Avison and her band were now set up and ready to entertain the guests. But first there was the cake cutting. Next to the cake was a copy of Harry Potter inside which Dan had cut a heart shape and attached a candy engagement ring which he gave to Laura when he proposed. That was a bit special! Beats my Message in a Bottle when I proposed to Louise!!!

In their own words, the first dance was an “uncomfortable shuffle”. Within 20 seconds the rest of the guests were ushered frantically onto the dance floor and from that point on the place was bouncing!

What a day!!! Full of entertainment and fun! Relaxed and without a dull moment! Just what a wedding should be!!!