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A Barn Bistro Wedding: Colette and Jonathan

This amazing wedding saw me travel to North Yorkshire. Colette and Jonathan got married at Ox Pasture Hall. They had a beautiful outdoor wedding. Colette giggled nervously throughout. In the wind that blew through the wedding party Colette's dress from Y.A.P Bridal billowed and flapped in the breeze. They enjoyed a drinks reception on the lawns of the Hall before heading along the road to The Barn Bistro.

At The Bistro a teepee was waiting for the wedding party. Festoon lighting was strung up outside and parked up next to the teepee was a quaint little vintage caravan set aside for the bride and groom. The wedding breakfast was an antipasti style lunch. Ahead of the wedding breakfast the speeches seemed to poke more fun at Colette with all three speeches making reference to a red faced moment for Colette (for a small fee I could divulge this story).

Then into the evening as the light began to drop, the festoon lighting started to take effect. The Fontains had completed their soundcheck before rocking the night away. There was no first dance. Instead everyone just hit the floor. During "A Town Called Malice" Colette and Jonathan were hoisted up onto the shoulders of the guests as everyone danced around below them. The atmosphere was electric.

This was a day full of laughter from start to finish.

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